Friday, April 30, 2010

"Harri's PC Repair" & "Low Price"

Yes! This is my new home-based pt/time income. Provides technical support to home user and company also printing and web designs.

At this moment service only available at Serdang, Equine Park, UPM, & Seri Kembangan area.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is Herbalife?

Quality Assurance

The Herbalife logo is your assurance of a high-quality product, support that's always there for you, and a guarantee of satisfaction you can trust.

Since 1980, Herbalife has been at the forefront of improving personal nutrition through it's family of trusted consultants, creating advanced products that deliver enhanced benefits to millions of individuals in 59 countries worldwide.

Manufactured using quality ingredients under strictly controlled procedures, this Herbalife quality product has been developed in accordance with government regulations.

Scientific Commitment

As a leader in the wellness industry, Herbalife has proudly established three scientific bodies: the Medical Advisory Board, Scientific Advisory Board and Medical Affairs Group. Together, these teams, comprised of distinguished doctors, award-winning scientists and renowned wellness experts, help advance the field of nutritional science, ensure Herbalife products are high quality and educate customers worldwide on every aspect of good health.

The following are common questions and answers about Herbalife provided by the Herbalife Medical Advisory Board.

1. What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a scientifically formulated, herbal-based calorie-reduced nutritional "shake" or meal replacement drink (Formula #1) to which has been added food supplements containing important vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and nutritional herbs. The Herbalife regimen has been used for weight control and maintenance of good health for over 23 years by literally millions of individuals around the world.

2. Don't you lose weight on Herbalife because you skip meals?

No. Herbalife's calorie-reduced regimen encourages participants to eat three meals daily. Two meals are in the form of our nutritionally-balanced meal replacement drink, and the third is a meal of your choice, following guidelines offered by the company.

In addition, Herbalife has devised a seven-day recommended meal plan which is distributed with its regimen. Diets which require people to skip meals are unhealthy and promote binge eating.

3. Is Herbalife a "liquid protein" or starvation diet?

Definitely not! Herbalife is neither of these. Our regimen supplies at least 1200-1500 Calories (5020-6300 kilojoules) daily and is nutritionally complete so individuals can lose weight safely and effectively, and, just as importantly, keep the weight off.

"Liquid protein" diets, which use nutritionally unbalanced protein-based drinks, or starvation diets which reduce calories to such low levels (less than 500 Calories or 2100 kilojoules daily) that people literally starve to lose weight are both extremely unhealthy and have less than 20% long-term success.

4. How does Herbalife work?

Herbalife supplies all the balanced nutrition the body needs on a daily basis. Individuals who choose to, can lose excess weight by reducing excess calories and not sacrifice important nutrients like protein, potassium and iron. As a result, they feel their best while they lose both excess weight and inches.

6. Is Herbalife "natural"?

The Herbalife regimen is based entirely on nutrition and herbs. The regimen does not use drugs, medications, hormones or other synthetic agents to promote weight loss. All ingredients in the Herbalife regimen must fulfill three important conditions: purity, quality, and stability.

7. What causes the feeling of increased energy? Is it caffeine?

The weight loss and energy-enhancing effects of Herbalife are the result of its scientifically balanced nutritional formula and are not due to caffeine or any natural or synthetic stimulant.

Herbalife's 100% herbal product Natural Guarana tea and tablets contain pure guarana which has a naturally occurring caffeine content of about 30mg per tablet (the same amount of caffeine in a small cola drink).

Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage also contain small amounts of naturally-occuring caffeine of any sort in any Herbalife product.

8. What do the herbs do and are they safe?

Herbs are nature's nutritional bounty. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fibre and related nutrients essential for good health.

The herbal mixtures used in Herbalife products have been created by experts to maximize nutritional value.

The herbs are the highest quality available anywhere in the world and are free of pesticide residues and other contaminants.

Tablet preparation of the herbal mixtures occurs under strict quality control to assure purity and safety.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge Session 2

Good news to everyone who one to shape up! We organizing a Weight Loss Challenge Session 2. This challenge open to everyone. If you looking for something fun, motivation & cash money, join us now!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Syukur alhamdulillah, akhirnya berjaya juga dapt buka nutrition club kami sendiri. Walaupun taklah besar mana dan taklah kecil sgt nutrition club kami..tapi kami sungguh puas hati dgn usaha kami akhirnya wujud "NUTRITION FIRST" club yang pertama.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wife Friend Wedding's

Kami ucapkan selamat pengantin baru kepada Aida & Suami, kami doakan kekal selamanya & tabah menempuhi cabaran hidup berumahtangga. Amin.

Birthday Mohd Adib Asyraaf

Happy Birthday yang ke-3 tahun kepada Asyraff. Kami doakan menjadi anak yang soleh, rajin, pandai dan sihat sentiasa & juga pada anak ayah, amanina & ahlami. Sedap kek nyer kan.

Makan-makan di Restoran Nasi King Briyani

Lama juga kami sekeluarga tak balik Klang. Even hanya 40 minit perjalanan. Sorry yer mama & semua, recently kami sibuk sangat. Ahad malam(25/01/09)pi belanja makan ramai2 kat Taman Seri Andalas, Nasi King Briyani. Food delicious..Pembuka mulut dgn tauhu bakar..then order heavy food, mcm2 lar and dessert ice-cream goreng. Lepas dinner kami pi Uptown, Shah Alam.